Embarrassed Naked Female Clips On Niteflirt [ENF]

One of my favourite fetishes to play with is embarrassed naked female. The sister fetish to CFNM. Where women are caught in embarrassing, exposing situations. Whether that be by design or by accident. These situations can be sexual or non-sexual in nature. I personally love this fetish for the ability it gives me to play out different scenarios and for the deliciously submissive nature of it.

Please note these likely aren’t all the embarrassed naked female I have. These are just the ones I have up for sale on Niteflirt, I have limited space on there to upload clips. If you purchase clips it makes room for me to add more so all clip sales help

Taking Control Of Your Neighbour ENF porn clip

Taking Control Of Your Neighbour

You’ve got a new toy. Time to test it out on your neighbour. Make her clothes disappear as she warms up for her run. But that’s just your warm-up. Once she’s naked, it’s time to take control of her.

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Office Horror Story Gif : Embarased Naked Female ENF

Office Horror Story

Eleanor decides to take advantage of her office being empty. In the middle of her cumming she realises her coworkers are back and more keep coming in. She’s offered a small napkin to cover her bits while she makes her way home. She finally flees, trying to find clothes in any room she can, with no luck.

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Study Help Embarased naked female gif

Study Help

Custom Request : So you are over at a friend’s apartment studying for a big test. She decides to make it interesting and quiz you over the material, the catch being for each question you get wrong you have to give her an article of clothing. Once you lose every piece of clothing (EXCEPT FOR the longsocks.) she gives you one last question, this time it’s all or nothing. If you get the question right you get all your clothes back but, if you get it wrong, you have to remain naked for the rest of the night and agree to do what she says once an hour.

You get the question wrong and your friend hides your clothes from you. For a while y’all just study (try reading a book while sitting and lying in different poses.) then she tells you to stand up and pace around the room while y’all study. Then she asks you to bend over facing away from her while yall study (not spreading, just bent over.) and you stay there for a while. Finally, her other roommates are about to return, so she tells you to go home but doesn’t return your clothes.

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The Bet: Outdoor embarassed naked female fantasy

The Bet

Custom Request:
You are out walking with a friend, prior you had taken a bet which you lost meaning you would have to run around the park naked(Except for your longsocks). So you strip and hand your clothes to your friend and you and her begin running around the park. When you are in a secluded spot you decide to rest against a tree(a wall essentially). Your friend takes this opportunity to tie your hands to the tree leaving your ass facing to the trail(meaning you just lean against the wall with your hands on the wall and facing away from the camera.)

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Caught Changing At Work : Embarrassed naked female porn gif

Caught Changing At Work

You catch your co-worker Eleanor changing in the break room, so what else is there to do but to threaten to tell her boss….unless she complies with some of your requests. Make her strip and give you a quick sample of her juices

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