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POV Ass Worship Session -$9 – It’s been too long since you’ve gotten down on your knees and worshiped My ass. Let’s fix that.

Sniff My Ass Till You Can’t Breath – $6 – Time for you to get on your knees and bury your face in my ass. Sniff and huff until you can’t breathe. I want you to sniff till all you know is my asshole.

Thicc Ass In Jeans Worship – $7 – Time for you to get on your knees and worship Eleanor’s thick round ass in jeans. Its so perfectly hugged by the rough fabric. Imagine how nice it would feel to rub your cock between her ass cheeks.

Ass Obsession Bundle #1 – $20

  • POV Ass Worship Session
  • Sniff My Ass Till You Can’t Breath
  • Thicc Ass In Jeans Worship
  • Underwear Collection 2021 [not for individual sale]


Cum Eating Instructions

Gargle Your Cum – $10 – The challenge: Edge for me for a week straight, 3 times a day. Building your self up to the ultimate release with me now. In this video I’m going to edge you a few more times. Playing with your cock and till the time comes for you to fill up your little cup and gargle that sticky wetness for me.

Least Favourite Food CEI – $6 – I have a new cum eating task for you. Make sure you have your least favourite food ready with you before you start this video

Super Messy Facial – $5 – You get to cum all over my face today. Really destroy my makeup and hair with your cum. BUT you must pay for that chance by licking me clean. 

Eat Your Cum Off My Tits – $7 – You finish off all over my chest. You make a big old mess so you better clean it up. How about you start with this one that’s trying to creep under my bra. Use the flat of your tongue to lick up that big juicy glob of cum. Now up further and further. Clean up the thickest parts off my breasts then once it seems like it’s all clean you need to lick up my skin making sure to get every drop.

Ginger Girlfriend Loves CEI – $9 – The girl you’ve been seeing has a secret. She loves having men eat cum for her but don’t worry she isn’t going to be mean about it. She nicely encourages you to try eating your cum for her. She strips out of her top and bra for you to help you along. Blow your load for her to turn her on for round two

Used Condom CEI – $8 – I’ve been really enjoying our cum eating instruction play recently BUT I really want to try something new. I want to up the ante. I have a little surprise for you but before I show you I want you to start stroking your cock and working on a big cum load for me.

Witch’s Creamy Enchantment – $8 – The local witch is sick of hearing from women about you making them swallow your nasty jizz. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She takes control of your body making you jack off. Grows your balls so you produce buckets of cum, then uses magic to feed it into your mouth giving you no choice but to swallow every drop of nasty cum or drown in it.

CEI Bundle #1 – $17

  • Gargle Your Cum
  • Lest Favourite Food CEI
  • Super Messy Facial

CEI Bundle #2 – $25

  • Eat Your Cum Off My Tits
  • Ginger Girlfriend Loves CEI
  • Used Condom CEI
  • Witch’s Creamy Enchantment


Embarrassed Naked Female

Caught Changing At Work – $7 – You catch your co-worker Eleanor changing in the break room. What else is there to do but to threaten to tell her boss….unless she complies with some of your requests. Make her strip and give you a quick sample of her juices

Office Horror Story – $5 – Eleanor decides to take advantage of her office being empty. In the middle of her cumming she realizes her coworkers are back and more keep coming in. She’s offered a small napkin to cover her bits while she makes her way home. She finally flees trying to find clothes in any room she can, with no luck.

Taking Control Of Your Neighbour – $5 – You’ve got a new toy. Time to test it out on your neighbour. Make her clothes disappear as she warms up for her run. But that’s just your warm up. Once she’s naked it’s time to take control of her.

The Bet – $4- Custom Request: You are out walking with a friend, prior you had taken a bet which you lost meaning you would have to run around the park naked(Except for your longsocks). So you strip and hand your clothes to your friend and you and her begin running around the park. When you are in a secluded spot you decide to rest against a tree(a wall essentially). Your friend takes this opportunity to tie your hands to the tree leaving your ass facing to the trail(meaning you just lean against the wall with your hands on the wall and facing away from the camera.)

Study Help – $4 – Custom : So you are over at a friend’s apartment studying for a big test. She decides to make it interesting and quiz you over the material, the catch being for each question you get wrong you have to give her an article of clothing. Once you lose every piece of clothing (EXCEPT FOR the longsocks.) she gives you one last question this time it’s all or nothing. If you get the question right you get all your clothes back but, if you get it wrong you have to remain naked for the rest of the night and agree to do what she says once an hour. You get the question wrong and your friend hides your clothes from you. For a while yall just study (try reading a book while sitting and lying in different poses.) then she tells you to stand up and pace around the room while yall study. Then she asks you to bend over facing away from her while yall study (not spreading just bent over.) and you stay there for a while. Finally, her other roommates are about to return so she tells you to go home but doesn’t return your clothes.

ENF Bundle #1 – $17

  • Caught Changing At Work
  • Office Horror Story
  • Taking Control Of Your Neightbour
  • The Bet



Caught You Stealing My Panites – $7 – Caught you coming into my cam room to try to take my worn cam panties. I sit and humiliate you for being such a loser. Like really, you couldn’t even take panties successfully. I grab my camera and video you on the floor to use to sell later

Soft Gooning Encouragement – $6  Eleanor guides you through jerking yourself into a gentle gooned out state. Perfect for you gooners who don’t want harsh yelling. Let her soft sensual voice take you deeper and deeper into that warm, blissed out state.

Strip Poker Mistake – $7  You set up a date with the very hot and sweet Eleanor to teach her how to play poker. You thought it would be fun to raise the stakes, to your benefit. You offer up a game of strip poker. You think this is a guarantee to get to see her naked and embarrassed in front of you. After all, how could you lose?

How I Cheated On You – $5 – Oh, you finally found it out did you? Took you long enough. Let me sit you down and tell you all about how I cheat on you with men who are so much better in the sack than you are. They have huge, throbbing cocks that really satisfy me. But don’t feel bad, it’s not just you I’m lying to. I tell them I’m on birth control.

No Cumming For Dummies – $7  Dumb idiots like you don’t get to cum. All you deserve is to be locked in a cycle of stroking for me endlessly until you become your true self: A gooned zombie.

Ruined Orgasm – $4  I’m going to walk you through how I want you to stroke, but don’t worry, I’ll make it fun. You are going to have your orgasm ruined.

1300 Stroke Challange – $20  I get you alone for 30 whole minutes. It’s time to test your skills. You have to stroke 1300 times for me. I will set a number of strokes and the pace. Taking you to the edge over and over before you finally get to cum for me.

Femdom Bundle #1 – $14

  • Caught You Stealing My Panties
  • Soft Gooning Encouragement
  • Strip Poker mistake

Femdom Bundle #2 – $12

  • How I Cheated On You
  • No Cumming For Dummies
  • Ruined Orgasm


JOI / Tease

Oily Thigh Worship – $7 – It’s time for you to worship my perfect thick thighs. I know just the way for you to do it, with your orgasm.

Up Skirt Seduction In Red – $5 – Eleanor teases you with a variety of upskirt shots in her EXTRA short red skirt. Look up her skirt to see her underwear as she stands in front of you and sits down.

Wetlook Cum Countdown – $8 – You and your girlfriend are getting ready to go to a show when she walks in on you. She looks hot as fuck in her wetlook and PVC, you want a quickie. She is having none of it. You strike up a deal. If you promise to be quick and not make her late to the show she’ll give you a good countdown JOI in her sexy outfit. Outfit: goth boots, wet look leggings and tied up PVC top with no bra.

13 Day Edging Challenge – $25 – I’ve finally cut together everyone’s favourite PTV game of mine.It starts with a tease and the set up for the game. I pull 3 numbers from a box. How many days you’ll be edging for me, how many times a day, and for how long each time. It’s left completely up to chance. The first number is 13. My favourite. For the next 13 days, I’ll be coming in with instructions on how I want you to stroke.The final part is a nice long tease until you get to cum… that is if you are lucky.

Red Light Green Light – $7 – Let me take control of your cock for a little game of red light green light

Step- Sis Teaches You To Jerk It – $9 – Your step-sis Eleanor walks in on you trying to jerk your cock with her underwear in your hand. Even though you are well into your 20’s you’ve never done it before. You aren’t very good. Eleanor strikes up a deal. You can keep the underwear you have and she’ll teach you how to jack off in a way that doesn’t throttle your cock as long as you never touch her stuff again

JOI/Tease Bundle #1 – $19

  • Mutual Masturbation JOI [not for individual sale]
  • Oily Thigh Worship
  • Upskirt Seduction In Red
  • Wetlook Cum Countdown

JOI/Tease Bundle #2 – $38

  • 13 Day Edging Challenge
  • Red Light Green Light
  • Step – Sis Teaches You How To Jerk It
  • Foot Job JOI [not for individual sale]



Chill Strip and Mutual Masturbation – $5 – Eleanor’s feeling horny. You are too. She propositions you for a mutual masturbation session. Watch as she strips and dirty talks with you, what’s a little masturbation between friends?

Inserting My Doxy – $27 – I have finally trained myself up to be able to fit my wand vibrator in my pussy. Can I show you? I stretch myself out with my extra thick dildo then slowly insert my doxy till its fully inside me. ITS FUCKING HUGE. I put a vibe on my clit and turn my doxy on and make myself cum. I squirt everywhere. At the end I hook my fingers in and show you how much gape I have achieved. In doing this I squirt a bit more for you.

My Dirty Fantasy – $4  Custom video request: I want you to masturbate with a dildo while telling me about one of your dirty subby fantasies. Eleanor tells you all about her breeding/free use/creampie/gangbang fetish while fucking herself till she squirts.

Fisting Practicing Makes Me Squirt – $11 – I’m still getting the hang of taking my full hand but I’ve really been enjoying it. I decided to film my most recent attempt. It had a very explosive surprise at the end so I’m glad I did

Tied Orgasm Control – $4 – Eleanor is tied up with a vibrator on her pussy left to orgasm over and over. She eventually gets loss and frees herself from the vibrating

Vampire Gets Bred By Demon Cock – $11 – Your horny vampire charge wants you. Not just your cock but she wants your knot and your cum. Breed her hungry pussy, knot her fully, make her squirt, and pump her full of your cum

Watch Me Cum But I’ll Be Ignoring You – $4 – You don’t deserve my attention while I cum. Watch me caress my body, strip down and bring myself to orgasm. Worshiping my body as it truly deserves. Not even remotely paying attention to you and your sad cock.

Masturbating With Cream Pie – $11 – I came home after a big fuck session with cum dripping out of my pussy. It made me so horny. I’ve got a crazy cum fetish so I decided to play with my dripping pussy till I cum again.

Squirting In White Panties – $7  Watch as I use several of my favourite toys to make myself gush for you. Squirting until I soak through my panties.

Squirt On Your Face – $8 – You’ve been begging me over and over to watch me cum since you’ve found out I can squirt. You want to see it that badly? Fine. Get on your knees and watch. I’ll strip down and tease you. Then I fuck myself with a green dildo till I just can’t take it and squirt all over your face. Covering you completely.

Masturbation Bundle #1 – $34

  • Chill Strip and Mutual Masturbation
  • DP Play – [not for individual sale]
  • Inserting My Doxy
  • My Dirty Fantasy

Masturbation Bundle #2 – $15

  • Fisting Practicing Makes Me Squirt
  • Tied Orgasm Control
  • Vampire Gets Bred By Demon Cock
  • Watch Me Cum But I’ll Be Ignoring You

Masturbation Bundle #2 – $24

  • Masturbating With Cream Pie
  • Morning Delight – [not for individual sale]
  • Squirting In White Panties
  • Squirt On Your Face



Covering You In My Snot – $4 – I sneeze right in your face, covering you in my snot. The snot starts to blur your vision, so I clean you up to let you finish the session watching me sneeze right on you

Sneezing And Making Myself Cum – $7 – Just like the tittle says I sneeze while making myself cum for you. I start with my large orange dildo and finish myself off with my fingers. Sneezing the whole way through.

Tied And Made To Sneeze – $7 – You finally got Eleanor where you want her. Naked, tied, and under your control. Time to test out your new sneezing powder on her while she has no way to get away.

Topless Sneezing – $8 – Just a little video of me sneezing with my boobs out. Lots of sneezes and a little story about a new soap I bought that made me sneeze.

Cam Show Sneezing Fit – $6 – Right in the middle of a cam show I got a terrible sneezing fit. It absolutely would not stop. I thought since you haven’t gotten to see my sneezes in a while you’d like to see. Includes lots of sneezing, interrupted sentences, and sniffling.

Reading Erotica And Sneezing – $11 – I was working on recording the audio for a new series when I was struck by a sneezing fit. Listen to me struggle to read. Sniffling and sneezing my way through.

Shower Sneezing – $10 – I get asked all the time what makes me sneeze the most. Here’s the answer. Showers make me sneeze like crazy. I talk about what about showers seem to make me sneeze, what showers make it worse and more.

Work Call Gone Right – $10 – It’s time for your weekly catch up video call with your boss. After working though some technical issues everything seems ok until you notice her acting a little funny. She keeps sniffing and rubbing her nose. She assures you she isn’t sick, she’s just experiencing allergy symptoms.

Sneezing Bundle #1 – $22

  • Covering You In My Snot
  • Sneezing And Making Myself Cum
  • Tied And Made To Sneeze
  • Topless Sneezing

Sneezing Bundle #2 – $31

  • Cam Show Sneezing Fit
  • Reading Erotica And Sneezing
  • Shower Sneezing
  • Work Call Gone Right


Virtual Sex (all solo)

POV Strap-on Fuck – $8 – I know how hungry you are for my cock. Let me reward you for being such a good slut. Suck my big veiny strap-on and then let me stretch your hole out and stroke your cock until you cum all over yourself.

Smoke Green and Get Ridden – $5 – Share a smoke with Eleanor then let her ride you till you both cum.

Strapped By Step-Mom – $8 –You are in the middle of trying to rig your new strap up on to a pillow so you can fuck yourself with it when your hot young step-mom walks in. You expect her to tease you about it and maybe tell your dad but she doesn’t. Turns out she’s really into strapping willing holes, but your dad is too much of a little bitch to let her do it. She offers to try it out on you

After Work Blowjob GFE – $8 – Oh, your home early. I’m so happy to see you. I was thinking since you had such a long work week and I’ve been off you might enjoy a special little treat. Have you been thinking about me at work? Naughty. Let me help you with that. Enjoy my warm mouth and finish on my tits.

Fucking You While I Smoke – $6 – You love watching me smoke and you love fucking me. Why not combine the two? Let me fuck you missionary style while I smoke this cigarette for you. Finish off in my pussy and I’ll kiss you with my smoky mouth.

Step- Sis Is Horny In Quarantine – $10 – Your step-sister and you have been living apart for years. With everything happening this year you find yourselves back living with your parents.
You catch her on the phone with her friend. She’s super horny and thinks you’re hot now. She offers herself to you if you can help ease some of her needs. Offer your cock for her to suck, eat her pussy, and fuck her raw. Be careful though don’t cum in her pussy. She isn’t on birth control

Reluctant Orgasm From A Home Invader – $12 – Eleanor is caught off guard by a person waiting for her when she gets home. He doesn’t want her money or phone. No, he wants her pussy. He makes her strip, then uses her pussy. Pulling a very reluctant orgasm from her before dumping a big creampie in her tight hole.

Virtual Sex Bundle #1 – $17

  • POV Strap-on Fuck
  • Smoke Green and Get Ridden
  • Strapped By Step-Mom

Virtual Sex Bundle #2 – $30

  • After Work Blowjob GFE
  • Fucking You While I Smoke
  • Step- Sis Is Horny In Quarantine
  • Reluctant Orgasm From A Home Invader


Misc Videos

Tongue Play – $4 – I show off my long tongue for you and talk about how good it would feel on your body

White Panty Wetting – $11 – I slowly let out my pee so you can watch my white panties soak up the liquid until they can’t take any more. It finally leaks out onto the floor as under me in a puddle. I flip over and shake my booty so you can really see how messy I made myself.

Shrink To Worship My Giant Feet – $12 – Custom video request: After you confess to me your secret fantasy. I shrink you down so you can worship my giant toes. Something goes wrong and you won’t stop getting smaller. (handheld camera, POV shot, no special effects)

Blowing Raspberries – $3 – Blowing Raspberries : Custom request: Close up of you blowing raspberries, both long and slow.

Magic Candy Stomach Expansion – $5 – Eleanor has a bad habit of eating her roommate’s food. One day her roommate leaves her with a bag of candy that says “DO NOT EAT”. Eleanor sees this and takes it as a challenge, helping herself to one of the candies, she soon finds her stomach starting to bloat. She experiences large movements in her stomach as it slowly grows and grows. After a while of her stomach twitching, she sits up to find her stomach fully distended. She checks the package underneath the DO NOT EAT sign and it looks like this is a permanent change from the magic candies.

Roommate’s In the Bathroom – $5 – Eleanor’s roommate is showering at the worst possible time AGAIN. This always happens, every time she desperately needs to go. Why do his showers have to be so long? Watch as she wiggles, dances and cups herself to try to stop herself from going. Hopefully this doesn’t take too long, it’s getting urgent! She doesn’t wanna wet herself.

Spit In Your Mouth – $5 – You want spit play? I can make that happen. Open your mouth.

Sloppy Face Fuck – $12 – Super sloppy face fucking. Spit play. Dick Face slaps and making ruining. He cums in my mouth, it slips out of my mouth mixed with my spit (b/g)